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Brother Joseph the Movie

By jnix - Posted on 25 November 2013

Brother Joseph and the Grotto tells a "true fairy tale" of Brother Joseph Zoettl, the tiny Bavarian hunchbacked monk who built Ave Maria Grotto, a miniature city of recycled materials in the Alabama woods of St. Bernard Abbey.  Br. Joseph had a stepmother, took a long journey, got a new name, conducted a superhuman feat, lived in the woods, was "protected" by a godmother, and more - all features of classic fairy tales.  This documentary is thus framed as one, and constructed of interviews, reenactments, voluminous archival footage and storybook illustrations. 

The feature length documentary especially appeals to religious communities, folk art lovers, history buffs, immigrant populations and those with disabilities.  Interviewees include Pulizter Prize nominee, Wayne Flynt, Abbot Cletus Meagher of St. Bernard Abbey, and singer-songwriter, Kate Campbell whose song "Ave Maria Grotto" helped inspire the film.

Price: $19.95